Work in Progress


Princess Tahlia moves on, albeit slowly. It’s been quite a hectic week with writing taking a back seat. Golf, gardening and other things outside of our control all cause disruptions. However, there is always next week and hopefully another few chapters will hit the e-pages.


At last I’m making progress with my blog but confess that it’s giving me more trouble than I imagined (or hoped).

The picture above is first draft of the cover for my current novel “Princess Tahlia and the Highwayman”. Again this is a working title and may change in the coming weeks. A young girl rescued from the clutches and horrors of the slave trade in Senegal c1700 and brought to London where she lived and worked as a servant to Lady Carmichael. Fate throws her together with a highwayman, William (Will) Keys. Will’s early life was little easier, being orphaned as a child and surviving on the streets of North East London, mixing with ‘ladies of the street’, beggars and robbers and so on. Where there lives head is anyone’s guess especially me. I’ll uncover their futures fairly soon, hopefully.


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